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French's Flavor Ingredients





Since 1880, the FRENCH’S® name has stood as a symbol of excellence in food processing.

The French’s® carefully engineered and highly automated production facility allows for the manufacturing of products that meet the strictest standards for quality assurance. The processes are HACCP certified and ISO 9002 certified.

 Franks Red Hot

French’s® maintain highly efficient laboratory facilities to routinely test for the accuracy of formulations, purity, microbiological safety, volatile flavour, moisture levels and many other analytical tests which are necessary to meet the specific needs of many customers.

French’s Flavor Ingredients provides a variety of products and services to food manufacturers.

  • Hot SauceFRENCH’S® Mustard – the best-loved, best-selling mustard brand!
  • CATTLEMEN’S® Barbecue Sauce – a best-selling lie-up of barbecue sauces.
  • FRANK’S® RedHot® Cayenne Pepper Sauce has grown to become a #1 back-of-the-house hot sauce in restaurants and a staple in the pantries of consumers.

The French’s line-up of products are available in wet and dry formats and we know that consumers love intensely-flavoured foods.

Consumers love intensely-flavoured foods and FRENCH'S® Dry flavors can help you deliver the Big Four Consumer Flavours - Buffalo, Barbecue, Caesar and Cajun

FRENCH’S®   Dry Flavours:

  • Dry FlavoursFree-flowing dehydrated blends of the original high-quality mustards and sauces.
  • Use to add intense flavour without adding moisture
  • Custom blends and proprietary flavour profiles available.
  • Easily reconstituted with water providing multiple applications with one product.
  • Kosher/Par eve certified.


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