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 A large variety of powdered and agglomerated hydrolysed gelatines are the building block for a healthy and protein enriched nutrition. Modern trends in food intake are being led by a lower consumption of carbohydrates in turn of a completed protein diet including the essential amino acids the human body is depending on. We are providing you with finely tuned and safely produced gelatine-hydrolysates.

Raspberry CakeBakery - Leaf gelatine is a very easy to use product for making glazes as well as having excellent binding power for pasteries and cakes. Leaf gelatine has a high gelling power, optimal binding power, and superb stabilizing characteristics. It is particularly easy to use and can be precisely added simply by counting off the leaves.

Gummy BearsConfectionary - For many assorted confections, including gummies and marshmallow-based products, gelatine provides excellent foam formulation and stabilization. Gelatine adds protein enrichment as well as cohesiveness and adhesiveness to all types of confections.

Dairy Industry - Gelatine can be used in the dairy industry to create healthy and delicate yogurt desserts and drinks. Gelatine can help with foam formulation and stabilization in desserts as well as offering calorie reduction (via foam formation) by offering less weight per volume.

Food Bars - Gelatine provides excellent foam formation and stabilization in protein and cereal bars. Gelatine also adds protein enrichments as well as cohesiveness and adhesiveness to all types of bars.

Products available:

CapsulesBeef Hide Gelatine - 100/125/150/175/200/250/275 Bloom Gel Strengths available in 8 and 40 mesh grist.

Pork Skin Gelatine - 175/225/250/275 Bloom Gel Strengths available in 30 and 40 mesh grist.

Fish Gelatine - 250 Bloom Gel Strength available in 50 mesh grist.

Leaf Gelatine - Both Gold and Silver Leaf gelatine available.

Hydrolysed Gelatine - Beef Hide, Pork Skin, and Fish Skin hydrolysed gelatine is available in a variety of molecular weights and is also available in an agglomerated form.


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