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 One of the leading processors of tomato products in Spain, privately owned Conservas Vegetales de Extremadura (Conesa) was founded in 1976.

The Ingredient Company is proud to offer their tomato powders.

TomatoBy growing their own tomatoes, Conesa is able to monitor and maintain global standards with regard to quality control and consistency of finished products.

Their “field-to-consumer” process ensures that all products produced meets both Conesa’s and their customers’ requirements on a consistent basis.

Tomato SauceThe region "Vegas Bajas del Guadiana", where the Conesa factory is located, has exceptional irrigation conditions for growing tomatoes, since both water, provided by the Guadiana River, and the southern Spanish sun are abundant in the area. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most important producing areas in the world, as 80% of tomatoes processed in Spain are grown there.


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