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Beans are known to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells in otherwise healthy tissue when included as part of a healthy diet.

LegumesProducts containing protein is a trend – adding bean, pea and lentil products to applications can significantly increase the overall protein content.

Since 1985, Inland Empire Foods has been manufacturing legume ingredients with a focus on flavour and functionality. A variety and forms of pre-cooked, de-hydrated beans, peas and lentils are available from The Ingredient Company and Inland Empire Foods; from 5-20 minute whole beans to flakes and flours.

All the product offerings from The Ingredient Company and Inland Empire Foods are free of chemicals and additives and are kosher and organic certified. All legumes are non-GMO.

Product Line-up:

BeansAdzuki Beans Navy Beans
Black Beans Pink Beans
Black-eyed Peas Pinto Beans
Garbanzo Beans Pigeon Beans
Great Northern Beans Red Beans
Green Peas Yellow Peas
Brewer Lentils Canario Beans
Kidney Beans Kunde Beans

Ask us about:

'Infused Flakes', a perfect marriage of flavour and function. Request a sample of precooked legumes with reduced long chain sugars for easier digestion; with expanded packaging capabilities.


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