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Trend Insights – #10 of the top 10 shaping global food industry product development

#10 – Alternative Alternatives

The “free-from” food movement has resulted in the evolution of other alternatives to the standard choices for allergy conscious new product development.  New competition for soy includes coconut milk, nut and grain milks.

  • Coconut MilkConsumers are expecting more choice and want to try something different to the mainstay soy.
  • New product categories such a kogurt (coconut milk yogurt) have emerged.
  • Nut and grain milks satisfy other health trends such as added/high in protein and superfood trends.
  • As gluten free options continue to expand, so too are the possibilities for wheat replacement, with improvements being made in texture and taste.

Source: Innova Market Insights Top Ten Trends Report 2014