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Trend Insights – #9 of the top 10 shaping global food industry product development

#9 – New Stealth Strategies

Industry moves to steadily reduce the Sugar, Salt and Saturated Fat contents of products is not slowing down – It’s actually gaining momentum!
The notion of whether to take a “stealth” or “health” approach to marketing is a key issue for manufacturers, while maintaining a clean label being another side issue for consideration.

• Industry pledges will continue to evolve and some companies will set their own targets in order to be seen as socially responsible.iStock_000013722366Small
• No added sugar, sugar-free and low sugar positioned products should continue to surge in number.
• Fructose-friendly is an emerging claim to look out for.
• Clean Labels will be a given.

Source: Innova Market Insights Top Ten Trends Report 2014