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Trend Insights – #8 of the top 10 shaping global food industry product development

#8 – The Protein Horizon

New product development concerning protein continues to go from strength to strength, with protein claims evident in a wide variety of foods and beverages.  The dairy category has been the main beneficiary with yogurt and, more specifically, Greek yogurt being a catalyst.  The addition of high levels of protein to certain products has attracted more male attention to some market categories.

Mix berries yogurt, with space for editorial content• The addition of protein sends subliminal weight management messaging due to its satiety attributes and will continue to offer added value.
• More “male-specific” marketing will emerge for mainstream protein products – not just for sports nutrition.
• Vegetable protein ingredient development will continue to flourish in order to target a wider range of consumers.
• New protein product development for bakery items will be an area of focus!

Source: Innova Market Insights Top Ten Trends Report 2014